Since the introduction of the Blu-ray format, the single biggest barrier to entry for content owners has been the high cost of authoring. Reel Picture has made a commitment to breaking down this cost barrier by investing in innovative new software and processes that drastically reduce the time and cost of Blu-ray authoring.

We call it Reel Blu Authoring™

Reel Picture’s new Reel Blu Authoring service delivers studio quality, replication-ready Blu-ray masters at a fraction of the cost of traditional Blu-ray authoring solutions. So if you thought you couldn’t afford to enter the Blu-ray market, think again.

Pre-built navigation templates can be easily customized with your own graphic images and content. Reel Blu authoring drastically reduces the time and cost of authoring your titles, while still delivering the quality and functionality that consumers expect from a Blu-ray disc.

Click below to view screenshots of menus created using our proprietary Reel Blu Authoring process.