CD Replication Services

CD-ROM and Audio Disc Manufacturing

CD Replication

Reel Picture's California CD manufacturing lines are capable of injection molding 80,000 CD replications in a planned twenty-four hour production cycle.

Our team of professionals include skilled CD-ROM manufacturing technicians with engineering backgrounds and master printers, who will make your finished CD replication with up to 6 color, silkscreen-printed CD label look like a work of art. We maintain stringent quality controls to ensure that you receive the highest-quality CD replication and offset CD silkscreen printing services. Our state of the art CD manufacturing factory is equipped with the latest CD replication technologies, CD printing presses and automated CD packaging equipment. This allows us to produce your large projects both reliably and efficiently. Reel Picture offers 24-hour, around-the-clock manufacturing to provide you with the fastest turnaround and delivery times available in the optical media industry.

To ensure that your CD replication project is on-time, on budget, and of the highest quality possible we would like to ask that you observe our CD pre-mastering specifications for compact disc audio and CD-ROM software. We also ask that you ensure your graphic designer utilizes official Reel Picture graphic design templates to setup your CD label artwork. To avoid costly time delays it is also important that you submit a copy of the required IRMA intellectual property rights form with each new disc manufacturing order.

CD Replication Pricing Availble Online or Telephone (800) 984-8273

Get a free online CD replication price quote today, or contact Reel Picture at phone number 1 (800) 984-8273 to discuss your CD replication, CD packaging and related project needs. Access our library of free online graphic templates for you CD labels, CD logos, CD inserts, CD packaging and the industry required legal CD manufacturing forms that protect your company's valuable intellectual property and digital assets from being illegally pirated or reproduced.

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CD Mastering & CD Replication Specifications

CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-Hybrid - If your CD master meets ISO 9660 specifications, the Philip's Red Book, Yellow Book, Blue Book, Green or White Book specifications then Reel Picture can replicate it.

  • Compact Disc Audio (CD-Audio) Red Book Philips specifies that the master data source for audio Red Book should not exceed 74 minutes, or 650 MB of data storage capacity.
  • Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM) Yellow Book Philips specifies that the master data source for computer software mastered to Yellow Book specifications should not exceed 650 MB of data storage capacity.
  • White Book The White Book specifications govern the mastering of Video Compact Disc replication mastering.
  • Blue Book The Blue Book specifications govern the mastering of Enhanced compact disc replication that includes both audio and cd-rom attributes.
Offset CD Silk Screen Printing & CD Packaging Services

Innovative Disc Artwork Options - No matter what your artwork designates, from simple two-color printing to the most sophisticated six-color process jobs, Reel Picture has the equipment and experience to finish your CDs beautifully. Reel Picture has won numerous awards for its superior CD printing. We process your artwork in our own prepress facility, from disc, or film to your final printed image.

  • High-speed screen printing process is up to five (5) colors.
  • Offset printing at 175-line screen on CMYK projects.
  • Spot color choices include all PMS colors, including pastels, fluorescent and metallic.
  • Custom color mixing from any sample or proof.
  • Custom box and insert printing, or dozens of generic packaging options.
  • CD label artwork templates available online.
  • We supply printing, insertion of booklets, inlays, and all other collateral materials.
  • In-House Graphic Department to help you with your designs.
  • Online Order Tracking and Online Inventory Control.
CD Replication Quality Control

We take pride in our disc manufacturing services and our finished products. Reel Picture integrates stringent quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  • Class 100 clean rooms are maintained at optimum levels of temperature, cleanliness and humidity.
  • CDs are tested to meet Red, Yellow & Green Book standards by our CD Associates tester which is Microsoft certified. This tester is set to meet the highest quality standards before your product passes from Quality Control to packaging.