Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Whether you need help locating offset or standard silkscreen film specifications for your offset printed DVD disc label, or disc packaging templates- Reel Picture's graphic design lab is at your service.

Every day we help businesses such as yours save money, meet deadlines and maintain their product brand image. Our graphic design lab will work with you and your designers to ensure that your product will look it's best. We want you to be happy with your finished product. The graphic department works to help keep your project on schedule for planned delivery. By familiarizing your designer with the Reel Picture's Graphic templates and film specifications he or she will gain an understanding of "how to prepare" thier digital graphic files or "film" for Reel Picture production readiness.

The majority of our clients have talented staff-members, or professional graphic designer consultants with advanced knowledge of printing for printed packaging, product manuals and optical media such as CD or DVD disc labels. Regardless of the confidence or experience that a designer has in their own skills and capabilities, we ask that you please submit final artwork in advance of your production start date if possible. This provides additional time for Reel Picture to pre-flight your artwork and check it's production readiness.

We use PC and Mac OSX graphic work stations equipped with the latest versions of professional graphic design software from Adobe and Quark Express. Avoid costly project delays. Please contact your project manager and graphic support team early and frequently. Use our online resources to locate graphic templates and film specification standards.


All artwork that comes into our building is checked by our Graphic Design Team for exact specifications and requirements which are critical for producing a great product.


Our Graphic Design Department can create what you want. Designing your logo to a complete layout for your product.

  • We have many different options for In-House printing for those short quick runs which need to be turned around fast.
  • Color laser printing, ink-jet printing and Thermal direct to CD printing.